1. Prevalence of Depression among Medical Students in Kenyan Universities
  2. Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy: An exploratory study of secondary school students in Lugari District, Kenya
  3. Gender preferences for Counsellors and utilisation of Guidance and Counselling Services among students in Public and Private Universities in Kenya
  4. Role of Guidance and  Counselling in Behaviour Change among Juvenile Delinquents  in Public Juvenile Institutions in Eldoret,  Uasin  Gishu
  5. Training of Nurses and  Self-Efficacy in the Performance of Counselling-related Tasks
  6. Gender Differences in Academic Performance and Attitude towards Teachers among Academically Talented Students
  7. The Role of the  Church  in instilling Discipline among Secondary School Students in Kakamega North  District, Kenya
  8. Factors that  contribute to Poor  Academic Performance among Early Adolescents in Primary  Schools in Limuru  District, Kiambu County
  9. Early Identification of Learning Disabilities among Standard Three Pupils of Public Primary  Schools in Butere District, Kenya
  10. Influence of Alcohol use on  Dating Violence among college students in Rift Valley  Institute of Science and  Technology, Nakuru  County
  11. University Staff Perceptions on the role  of Counselling in Coping with Marital  Problems in Kenya
  12. The influence of Age, Gender and Marital  Status on  the  Level  of Stress  experienced by Teachers in Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya
  13. Women Abuse and its’ Psychological Impact on  Women among Abagusii Community of Kenya
  14. Stress Levels  of Secondary School Principals in Meru  South  District, Kenya
  15. Factors Affecting Implementation  of Guidance and  Counseling Services in Secondary Schools in Bungoma West  District, Kenya
  16. The Marriage Role  Expectation among Young Adults:  A Case of Egerton University, Kenya
  17. Relationship between Attitude and Academic Performance in Chemistry among Secondary School Students in Kenya
  18. Psychosocial effects of Violent Ethnic Conflicts on Academic Performance in Primary  Schools in Molo  District, Kenya
  19. Role Conflict and  Burnout: The Direct and Moderating effects on  student affairs personnel in Universities.
  1. Influence of Peer Counselling on School Adjustment of Secondary School students
  2. Assessment of Impact of HIV and AIDS Awareness in Sexual Behavior among Youth in Churches in Meru South District, Kenya
  3. A Study of the Psychosocial Causes and Effects of Stress among Instructors in Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya
  4. Influence of Age on Level of Awareness of Risk of Female Genital Mutilation: A Study on the Marakwet People of Kenya
  5. Relationship between Locus of Control and Criminal Behaviour among Inmates at Thika Prison, Kenya
  6. Relationship between Selected Personality Factors and Academic Performance in Science among Secondary School Students in Kenya
  7. Challenges Facing Peer Counseling in Public Secondary Schools in Hamisi District, Vihiga County, Kenya
  8. The Influence of Parental Visiting on Emotional Status of Boarding Secondary School Students in Kakamega District, Kenya
  9. Factors influencing the persistence of Female Genital Mutilation among Tugen Women: A case of Baringo County, Kenya
  10. Factors Affecting Implementation of Guidance and Counseling Services in Secondary Schools in Bungoma West District, Kenya
  11. Impact of Reproductive Health Education on Sexual Behaviour among Secondary School Students in Lukuyani Division, Lugari District
  12. Influence of Orphanhood on Academic Performance and Discipline of Pupils in Public Primary Schools in Meru South District, Kenya
  13. Contribution of Poverty and Gender on the Prevalence of HIV and AIDS in Nakuru Municipality, Kenya
  14. A Study of HIV and AIDS Awareness in Relation to Contraceptives Practices among Married child-bearing Women in Kimilili District, Kenya
  15. Influence of Adult Learners’ Behaviour on Pupils’ Morals in Schools of Kakamega South District, Kenya
  16. Relationship between Primary School Teachers’ Characteristics and Level of Burnout: A Case of Nakuru Municipality, Kenya
  17. Socio-cultural Challenges Facing HIV and AIDS Orphaned Boys’ Education in Public Primary Schools: A Case of Nairobi East District, Kenya
  18. Stakeholders’ Perceptions on the Impact of Pre-School Education on Academic Performance of Lower Primary Pupils in Maseno Division, Kenya
  19. Dichotomy between Vocational Calling and Job Satisfaction among Ministers of Religion: A Case of Chuka and Magumoni Presbyterian Churches, Kenya
  20. The Perception of Students on the Role of School Administration in Provision of Career Guidance and Counseling in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya: A Case of Moi University


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